The olive mill

The olive mill

Frantoio Biologico Buonamici implements the finest and most innovative extraction processes. Harvesting timing is fundamental: it happens at the perfect maturity stage of the fruit, called veraison, and with a careful hand. After being harvested, olives are milled within the following 12-24 hours. The extra virgin olive oil is obtained through cold pressing in order to lower the oxidation and to transfer precious constituents such as phenols from the olives into the oil. This also significantly reduces acidity levels and gives intense aromas of green grass, artichoke, almond and herbs as well as an amazing flavour to our oils.

Cooperation with the University of Florence and the Cnr – Italian Research Council – has contributed towards our main goal: preserve olives’ natural antioxidants in our oil, which not only tastes exquisite, but is extremely healthy, bringing therefore valuable health benefits to our consumers. Selectivity and technology are the keys to this premium-quality product.

With considerable investment, Azienda Agricola Buonamici is now involved in the construction of a new olive mill nestled among Fiesole’s olive groves. A pioneering building capable of describing our past, present and future.

The new olive mill

Our new olive mill constitutes the ultimate innovation in olive oil milling. This advanced technology will consist of temperature control during the entire extraction process, reduction of oxidation thanks to vacuum technology as well as heat exchangers and ultrasounds implementation, hence further improving product quality by keeping high levels of healthy components – such as polyphenols and oleuropein. The new production cycle will extract our oil at a rate of 5000 kg of olives per hour. Immediately after, oil will be filtered and stocked in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature of 15 degrees under nitrogen to ensure that all precious organoleptic and healthy properties are preserved for the entire stocking period. Moreover, the new olive mill will become a place of conviviality where visitors will gather while admiring nature, exploring olive orchards and enjoying Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.