About us

About us

Buonamici’s family has been living in Fiesole for more than 200 years. This family is therefore intrinsically tied with its land – which is a place filled with beauty, culture and history – preserving and embodying it with passion. It all translates into a constant commitment to grow olive trees and produce extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to Cesare Buonamici’s life-long experience on the field and technical knowledge and expertise, Azienda Agricola Buonamici attained leading status in the industry.

“And just like the purest and greatest things, this art needs devotion, patience and love. And that’s what we commit to every day”

Cesare Buonamici

Founder and CEO

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Our company sits on a total surface of 250 hectares where 30,000 olive trees live. Our plants are cultivated in compliance with the strict regulations approved by the European Economic Community on organic agriculture (Reg. EEC 2092/91). Buonamici’s olive trees belong to the finest cultivars Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Maurino and Leccio del Corno, which are the typical varieties found in Fiesole. These cultivars prosper together as they create a synergetic environment, yielding an oil of excellent quality – characterised by remarkable grass sensations as well as fresh almond notes to the nose and palate. In particular, Leccio del Corno stands out for its unmistakable scent, which makes it one of the most sophisticated and praised cultivars nowadays.